About Emory H Markle Middle School

The staff at E.H.M.M.S. believes that the function of a middle school is to recognize the unique needs of middle level students; provide a safe, learner-centered environment; develop academic, inter-personal skills; and strive to develop life-long students through a variety of age-appropriate experiences.


E.H.M.M.S. utilizes a “learning community” approach to meet the varying needs of adolescent children. This approach utilizes teams of teachers who cooperatively plan instruction and assessment so that students can take advantage of the expertise of all of the team members. Our number one goal is to meet the needs of the children that we serve so that they are able to achieve to their maximum potential. Team membership includes representatives from the major subject areas along with the nurse, guidance counselor, and an administrator. Your child will be a member of one of six academic teams.

The middle school is proud to feature a comprehensive support system for students in our building. Through our COLT program, we are able to support the academic, social, behavioral, and emotional needs of our students at both ends of the learning spectrum. COLT features a dedicated time to meet the varying needs of the adolescent student.

Our school also features a Multi-Media Center (M.M.C.) that provides educational resources and equipment that can be used by students and staff for instruction, individual research, and reading pleasure. The M.M.C. boasts the services of a number of able community and parent volunteers.


The curriculum for the learners of E.H.M.M.S. is aligned to the standards set forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

The sixth grade core subjects include: Language Arts, Science, Mathematics and Social Studies.

The seventh grade core subjects include: Language Arts, Life Science, Mathematics and World Geography.

The eighth grade core subjects include: Language Arts, Physical Science, Mathematics and American History.

Each student also participates in an extensive rotation of exploratory courses each year including:: Art, Music, Health, Computer Applications, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Family and Consumer Science and Technology Education.


The staff at E.H.M.M.S. believes in the value of quality home and school relationships. Parent support and participation is vital during this stage of your child’s development. Your participation is very much desired from all of the staff here at EHMMS. Please feel free to visit us often and volunteers are always needed. A quality home and school partnership is vital to the success of your student!


4—Exemplary - Student consistently demonstrates in-depth knowledge of concepts and
skills in this area and can apply at an extended level in addition to a new situation with accuracy and independence.

3—Proficiency - Student demonstrates a through understanding of essential concepts and skills in this category. He/she can apply these skills with accuracy and independence.

2—Foundational - Student demonstrates a foundational Understanding understanding of some of the essential concepts and skills in this area. He/ she needs additional support and practice to perform independently.

1—Limited - Student has a limited understanding Proficiency of the concepts and/or skills in this area.

The intermediate scores of 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 are used to demonstrate that a student is approaching the next level of learning.



3 Administrators
70  Full-time Faculty Members
3 Full-time Counselors
1 Full-time Librarian
2 Part-time Library Aides
1 Full-time Nurse and 1 Nurse's Aide
5 Secretaries
1 L.I.U. Instructor
6 Full-time Para-Educators
13 Part-time Para-Educators


EHMMS School-Wide Expectations

S - Safety First 
T - Take Responsibility
R - Respectful Behavior
I - Include Everyone
V - Value Opportunities
E - Effort

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